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Understanding Salesforce B2B Commerce for Lightning

Salesforce B2B

Most businesses today are aware of Salesforce which is a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM). This platform is known for its amazing capabilities and solutions that can assist businesses regardless of their size. It ensures that they can effectively manage the overall operations and data.

With the Salesforce B2B Commerce for Lightning, it wants to ensure that users can continue to enjoy enhanced functionalities. Using this tool, businesses can streamline their overall B2B sales process. As a result, it would allow them to enjoy rapid growth and improve their overall customer experiences.

So, what is the Salesforce B2B Commerce for Lightning all about? What are some of the core features of this platform? And how can you benefit from this robust platform? We'll discuss this and a lot more in this article to give you a comprehensive idea about it. Let's get right into it

What is the Salesforce B2B Commerce for Lightning?

Salesforce B2B Commerce for Lightning is an easy-to-use and sleek interface that you can get from the Salesforce CRM platform. Using the lighting experience, businesses can give an intuitive and visually appealing experience for users.

Not just that, but it also plays a major role in overall improving productivity. In addition to that, the Lightning Experience gives a unique look and feel to the platform. It allows businesses to easily go through, personalize, and use the core elements and different features of the Salesforce platform.

Unlike the standard Salesforce interface, the Lighting experience gives a more streamlined and efficient workflow. Businesses can get a more responsive design that allows them to easily access Salesforce through different devices. They can enjoy the same experience when using it on laptops, smartphones, tablets, laptops, or any other device. The core focus of the lighting experience is on speed and agility.

Core Features Lightning Experience

While there are many features that you can get from the lighting experience, there are a few that are worth your attention. Let's go over them in more detail to give you a comprehensive idea about them.

1) Dynamic Home Page

Firstly, there is a dynamic homepage that you can get from the lighting experience. It gives you a dashboard that you can personalize at your convenience. For instance, you can get a view of the core metrics, relevant records, day-to-day activities, and other critical information.

In a nutshell, users can customize the home page to see the data that is the most important. This can improve the overall operational efficiency and allow business owners/managers to keep track of the KPIs (key performance indicators).

2) Lightning App Builder

Another great feature that you can get from it is the lighting app builder. Using this feature, businesses can create custom apps and pages without having any knowledge about coding or programming.

With the lighting app builder, businesses have the luxury to tailor their CRM experiences to their needs and wants. As a result, it can help them build more effective and easy-to-use interfaces.

3) Responsive Design

Since the lighting experience has a mobile-first design, it can allow the B2B Commerce storefront to become easier to use. It will ensure that users can go through the store and buy anything from the platform without any trouble. All in all, it would provide them with a more customized shopping experience.

4) Real-Time Insights

The reporting dashboards that you can get from the Lightning Experience give the sales team access to real-time analytics. They can have a comprehensive idea about their B2B Commerce activities. It would help them to spot trends, keep an eye on their sales campaign's performance, and fulfill customer needs.

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Top Advantages of Using the Lighting Experience

Advantages of Using the Lighting

Now that you know what the Salesforce B2B Commerce for Lightning is all about, you might want to know how it can help your business. Well, here are a few advantages that can get by making the most out of its features.

1) Mobile-First Design

The best thing about the lighting experience is that it is designed while keeping the mobile-first approach in mind. It can help business owners, managers, and sales representatives to access the platform on their devices. Most importantly, they would continue to enjoy the same functionality.

2) Streamlined Communication and Collaboration

Another great thing about the lightning experience is that it allows team members to team members to collaborate easily. With the help of tools, such as Chatter (Salesforce's built-in social network), different members can easily communicate. Furthermore, it also lets them post updates, transfer files, and various other things.

3) Enhanced Reporting and Dashboards

As mentioned earlier, the lighting experience allows business managers to customize the dashboard. They can create insightful dashboards with each access to reports or important metrics. This way, it would allow them to get a better insight into the information and data in hand.

4) Lightning Components

The lighting components allow businesses to leverage the extensive library of pre-built components. Not just that, but they can also build their own to further extend Salesforce's capabilities. Lighting components refer to the building blocks that can be reused and assembled to enjoy personalized features within the Salesforce interface.

5) Improved Productivity

Last but not least, the lightning experience has a wide range of features, such as Kanban boards, that streamline repetitious tasks. These features will make the overall data entry a lot easier and simply. This way, it can lead to higher productivity with the customer support, sales, and marketing teams.


In the end, it is safe to say that businesses can merge the user-friendly lighting experience with the dynamic B2B Commerce features. It would allow them to achieve greater efficiency, improve customer engagement, and a lot more.

While this might sound like an easy task, some businesses might struggle with it. Nevertheless, you can always come to Cloud Sylla for assistance. With years of experience, our experts can assist you in leveraging the Salesforce B2B Commerce for Lightning experience in a much better way.

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