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The objective of this platform is to meet the expectations defined by the customer through an agile self-help service that simplifies interactions and decreases the workload of customer service. 

In short, with Service Cloud, you can resolve cases faster by gaining a global view of customer information, as well as offering attractive communities and portals. You can also provide personalized support via any digital channel and boost agent productivity by implementing chatbots and artificial intelligence solutions.

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As a result, customer complaints can be automatically prioritized for faster resolution. With automation and AI tone detection, high priority cases can be redirected to the top of the queue and resolved quickly to keep your customers happy.
Also, Sales Cloud easily establishes a personalized connection with each customer, across multiple channels and on any device by allowing users to provide instant and personalized assistance via phone, email, chat and even LiveMessage.
Service Cloud provides access to a complete view of team performance through dashboards and recommendations. As a result, it boosts a company's efficiency and increases customer satisfaction by providing easy access to self-help features and streamlining all service interactions. 
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