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Cloud Sylla makes it possible through digitisation to offer better knowledge and therefore better service to customers across different channels, which will not only improve their experience but also the productivity of employees.

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Nowadays, any industry needs a good CRM to help them store and analyse a large amount of data generated. It is essential to offer the best customer support and to do this they will need a good system that can help employees with various tasks, such as sending marketing emails, an efficient sales cycle or sending quick responses to customer issues.


So, whether you are in the communication, retail, manufacturing or financial sector, Cloud Sylla will offer you the best service according to your needs.


Effective communication is essential for almost all sectors of activity. It guarantees the trust of customers towards a company, a business, an organisation... With Cloud Sylla and thanks to the tools used, you will be able to create and control any advertisement...


 Cloud Sylla using Salesforce tools offer companies the possibility to obtain a 360 degree view of the customer and thus a segmentation of the customer according to their preferences and needs. This allows you to build customer loyalty through personalised messages.


Manufacturing: Thanks to Cloud Sylla, connect all the players in the manufacturing process. Thus, using salesforce, Cloud Sylla will connect each step of the process. Also, the monitoring of data will allow a better management of the production.


Digitalisation is a key factor in the optimisation of financial services. Mobile applications, interaction via social networks as well as ease of service delivery from different channels are expected by personal and corporate banking, investment, insurance and many other financial services.

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