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Salesforce Sales Cloud
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Sales Cloud is a sales platform that tracks the sales process, it consists of a dashboard with several options such as the names of current customers, how to contact them, access to their profiles (as well as those of potential customers), the course of the sales process, annotations of meetings or recordings... It also has a social network for employees (called chatter).
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With Sales Cloud, you will be able to access the profiles of current and potential customers so that you can contact them when needed, as well as check on the status of your sales processes or take notes in meetings. 
Sales Cloud has a social network for employees and an app for sales managers to access the platform from anywhere via their mobile device. It's a simple, easy-to-understand mechanism that will also allow you to generate reports and get a lot of valuable data to learn more about prospects, make decisions, drive strategies and increase sales opportunities.

This tool integrates the messaging applications you use every day, without requiring you to change anything. It also allows you to share information, check on the status of tasks, find leads, track progress, create more resources and keep your colleagues up to date on all of the above.

To sumarise Sales Cloud allows you to manage your sales, contacts, opportunities, reports, dashboards, campaigns, calendars as well as events, forecasts, custom applications and maps, information sharing communities...

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