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Manufacturing Industry

Nowadays, the transformation of simple raw materials into unique products is a complex process. In addition, getting the manufactured product into the hands of the consumer is a labor-intensive process.  


With a long chain of distributors/retailers and complex sales cycles, companies have to meet the demands of distributors and consumers, anticipate demand and manufacture products according to their expectations.

But with Cloud Sylla, different tools will be offered to you to execute this tedious process.


Cloud Sylla helps manufacturers reduce the time it takes to develop a product or service. With its various tools, it can more accurately forecast demand and improve production information. By making decisions faster and acting smarter, companies will have an advantage over their competitors. 
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Indeed, Cloud Sylla can give you a 360-degree view of your customers, improve sales management and boost team productivity. You will be able to receive all the information exchanged within your company. Finally, you will have a real-time visibility on stocks, manufacturing and delivery times, non-conformities...
Reports and dashboards allow the sales team to better understand customer preferences and generate customized quotes. Flexible working solutions improve sales staff productivity by automating meetings and tracking customer order history in a specific system.    
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