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What are the functions of Pardot?

Pardot provides powerful tools that will help you achieve your goals. You just need to structure your automation strategy properly. 
Here are the main features of Pardot even if there are many other tools : 


The automation rules who allow the segmentation of the prospects thanks to many factors (submitted forms, page visits...), they allow to trigger a completion action .

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Completion actions: these are actions that allow you to react according to the actions performed by the prospect.

An example: when a visitor presses a button that allows the submission of a form, data will be collected, which will convert him into a prospect, and he will quickly receive a welcome e-mail.

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The Engagement Studio has actions such as sending e-mails, adjusting the score, data to control the opening of an e-mail, clicking on a link in the e-mail or a personalized redirection, among others, all of which allow us to know better the centre of interest of each person in order to offer them more content that might interest them, to increase their knowledge of our company and finally to increase their interest in our products or services.

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