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Whether it is banks, health and life insurance companies, investment companies, finance and leasing companies or pension funds - financial activities are of vital importance for the development of the economy. 

Financial institutions are required to improve their risk management and the transparency of information provided to customers. 

A customer's financial needs are constantly changing. 

Thus, Cloud Sylla will help you to automate your customer follow-ups in order to keep you informed of the evolution of each customer's situation thanks to personalised and automatic tools. 

 You will be able to have a 360° view of your customers, generate automatic leads, get information on payment defaults to reduce risks and fraud...




Here are some other key points:

-data structuring

-traceability of exchanges 

-scheduling of appointments 

-easy account entry 

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Bankers can track investments and deal pipelines with powerful opportunity management capabilities, while investor relations and client services teams welcome new customers.
They will be able to:
-Track commercial lending activity
-Comply with regulatory changes in consumer and mortgage lending. 
-Gain insight into financial accounts: integration of assets and other resources.

 Insurance companies will be able to create customer spaces, interact with policyholders in a dynamic way, and anticipate and deal with risks: attribution, fraud, behavior, etc. This will allow policyholders to be more autonomous. Salesforce makes it easier for insurance providers to create quotes and process claims faster

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