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It is a platform created by Salesforce to improve communication and engagement between a company and its employees, partners and customers.
It is an online social platform that provides the data and records needed to get work done efficiently. By facilitating critical business operations and making them available to all departments, everyone in this ecosystem can do their jobs in real time, close deals quickly, and support customers effectively.
Salesforce Cloud Community is quite flexible and adapts to all business needs. The idea is to make the most of CRM data to improve communication and optimise business processes.



Connected customers


Customers may have questions at any time of the day, but they don't necessarily get a quick answer. However, with this tool, it is possible to set up a database with content tailored to answer the most frequently asked questions.

In this way, customers receive solutions with ease. Community Cloud therefore facilitates the monitoring of the most active people and thus allows a company to support its people.

Means of exchange within the team 


It is very important that the team can communicate. They will be able to set up all sorts of virtual events, be it live broadcasts, courses or webinars.

Optimize productivity 


The direct connection between the different agents will increase sales. Also, measures can be easily put in place to streamline lead conversion. Thus, it directly connects suppliers, partners, and resellers.

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Salesforce Community Cloud adapts to all business needs by creating custom Salesforce communities to improve communication and enhance business processes.

You will be able to define who your audience is and show more relevant content to each user. To do this, you'll have a map of each person's journey so you know where they are and how to continue the experience in the best way possible.

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