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Business Consulting

A strategy to grow

Cloud Sylla, Your Business Consulting Partner

Business Consulting Services

Cloud Sylla provides advisory services to assess organisations’ digital readiness and maturity. We help them define their digital vision and set up a digital strategy to successfully make it a reality.

Through digital strategy creation, we help organisations create a realistic and attainable roadmap with specific actions to meet their objectives. We support them in redesigning their processes to position the customer at the centre of their activities
We help organizations identify and unlock new sources of economic value and achieve large improvements in productivity, flexibility and speed. We achieve this through focussing on helping our customers build a data-first model for transforming their strategic vision and ambition, achieving this way a sustainable competitive advantage.
Chess Pieces

Strategy and Vision

The objectives and goals that are in place to meet digital business aspirations for the short and long term.



The systems, tools, digital skills and technology to achieve digital goals.



The mind-sets and behaviour critical to capture digital opportunities, through training and knowledge sharing.

Bridge Inside


The structure, processes and talent-supporting execution of the digital strategy.

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