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How to Get & Reset Security Token in Salesforce? (Detailed Guide)

How to Get & Reset Security Token in Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the world's most secure cloud providers because of its effective stage security capabilities. Moreover, Salesforce claims that most businesses use the Salesforce stage security platform to verify applications running on their server farms from various angles.

Besides, the Salesforce shared responsibility model acts as the data processor, which means it is responsible for implementing adequate physical and technical security measures. While on the other side, customers are accountable for maintaining data quality, integrity, and usage.

So, in this article, we will guide you on how to get & reset security token in Salesforce. But before this, we'll discuss the background of the Salesforce Security Token and how it may benefit your business. Let’s get started!

What is Salesforce’s Security Token

For Salesforce access through API, you will need an alphanumeric key and a password. This alphanumeric key is called the Salesforce security token. Generally, its purpose is to increase protection between Salesforce and the user if a user's account is hacked.

It ensures that if a customer's account data is stolen, a third party may not connect to Salesforce through an insecure network or an API. Overall, a user’s password and security token can only be used to access Salesforce.

In addition to this, there are two ways to input the authentication/security token of Salesforce. Namely:

  1. You may insert the code to the end of your password without using space.

  2. Both login and the tokens must be entered into various fields.

How to Get & Reset Security Token in Salesforce?

Salesforce customers and managers may become puzzled by certain security token aspects of using it, such as the security token's resetting. 

Don’t stress! Our next section will cover this topic. But, before this, you must know why to reset Salesforce's Security Token. So, let’s begin!

Why Should You Reset the Salesforce Security Token?

Usually, whenever you reset your password, the security token also gets reset. Further, if your security token was employed to link external apps with Salesforce, that pairing also fails.

So every time you reset your account's password used to interact with different Salesforce applications, you will surely need to re-enter the new security code into that app.

Steps for Resetting Salesforce Security Token

Regretfully, Salesforce's online tool does not allow you to view your code/token. That is why you may reset your code to get it back if you can't remember it for security reasons.

Follow the steps below to change your personal Salesforce security token:

  • First, log in to Salesforce and go to Salesforce settings.

  • Go to the "Quick Find" search bar and type reset.

  • After that, click the search option.

  • Select the "Reset My Security Token" option.

  • Choose the listed email account that's in your Salesforce personal settings.

  • Now open your email with a security token.

  • You have successfully updated your code! 

Note: After resetting your token, Salesforce sends you a new security token via email. You must secure this email in a safe, protected place immediately. Otherwise, you will have to change your security code every time while access Salesforce.

Where can I Get/Find my Salesforce Security Token?

There are three types of user interfaces, namely: old Classic User, new, and Lightning. So, the steps of resetting your Security Token will vary slightly depending on the user interface you are using. Make sure to follow the methods based on your user interface.

Lightning User Interface

To change your security code, go to the right side on the top of your screen and select the user profile. Now, click on the "Settings" option.

Lightning User Interface setting option

After entering your profile, select the "Reset My Security Token" option on the left of your menu. Now, click on the "Reset Security Token" button.

Lightning User Interface reset option

You will get an email sent to your account by Salesforce. In case you don't receive any notification from the team, kindly check your SPAM mailbox or ask your email controller to verify any banned messages from on your router.

Newer Classic User Interface

To change your security token in a new user interface, go to your profile icon at the top of your screen and click "My Settings."

Newer Classic User Interface setting option

After selecting "My Setting," look at the left side of your screen and click on the "Personal" option. Now, click the "Reset My Security Token" button. Lastly, after clicking that, you will see a blue button named "Reset Security Token" select it. 

Newer Classic User Interface reset security option

Your Propertybase account profile’s email inbox receives a message containing the updated security token.

Old Classic User Interface

To change your security code, go to your profile name on the right side of your screen. Simply click on -> "Setup" -> "My Personal Information" -> "Reset My Security Token." 

Old Classic User Interface setup option

The new security code is delivered to the email address listed on your Propertybase account profile after you select "Reset Security Token."

Old Classic User Interface reset security option

Deactivated User’s Security Tokens

If a Salesforce customer has been deactivated, they no longer have a significant Salesforce client account, and their security code is also invalidated. Additionally, this would result in API mixes using the inactive client's passcode lock breaking.

However, if a client reactivates, their particular security token will continue functioning until a passcode or token reset request has been submitted.

Why your “Reset Security Token” Option is Missing?

You won't be able to access Salesforce or change your security token if your profile is assembled with an end goal so that Salesforce can only accept a certain number of IP addresses. 

So, to get security key access, you must remove the profile that includes a restricted IP range, or your profile must be refreshed with the IP range restriction.

Apart from this,  in rare circumstances where your profile does not possess IP address restriction regardless, you are unable to access the security token reset option, then alter your spare and profile (without  any real improvements rolling to the profile.)

Wrap Up

A security token plays a crucial role in your Salesforce journey because it offers you extremely stable security.

We hope this article will improve your knowledge about how to get & reset security token in Salesforce. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments section!


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