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ZOHO Mail UAE is an email hosting and collaboration platform that appeals to companies of all sizes. It is an email platform hosted in the cloud and provides a complete set of email capabilities, including spam prevention, email management, storage, and custom domains.

ZOHO Corporation is an Indian software development firm that offers cloud-based software solutions to enterprises all over the globe. ZOHO Mail is a product of ZOHO Corporation.

ZOHO provides organizations a complete email solution, including email hosting, management, and collaboration. ZOHO Mail UAE is located in the United Arab Emirates. With ZOHO Mail UAE, organizations may access their emails anywhere, anytime, and from any device. It also offers companies personalized email solutions that enable them to utilize their domain name for their email addresses, adding a professional touch to their communication.

Moreover, ZOHO Mail UAE provides users with an intuitive online interface that is simple to browse, which enables users to effectively manage their emails, contacts, calendars, and tasks. The customizable interface allows users to build a customized workplace with their desired layout and colours. Also, it has a robust search engine that makes locating certain emails or contacts simple.

The powerful spam protection offered by ZOHO Mail UAE is one of the most notable advantages of this email service. It protects against spam, phishing, and malware assaults by using sophisticated algorithms and filters. As a result, it guarantees the safety and protection of enterprises' email communications. In addition, ZOHO Mail UAE offers companies with Zoho CRM fully customized email rules that enable them to set up automated email sorting and filtering. This assists businesses in better managing their inboxes and reducing the amount of junk they contain.

Moreover, ZOHO Mail UAE provides a complete email collaboration solution. With ZOHO Mail UAE, companies can easily build shared calendars, contacts, and tasks, which makes it much simpler for teams to work together and maintain organization.

It also has a chat component, which enables team members to connect in real time, boosting productivity and collaboration.

ZOHO Mail UAE also provides mobile applications for Android and iOS devices, making it simple for customers to access their email and collaborate while on the road. The mobile app is user-friendly, offering the same email functions as the online interface, including email management, contact management, and calendar management.

The fact that ZOHO CRM Mail is reasonably priced is yet another essential advantage it offers. It provides reasonable pricing options ideal for enterprises of all sizes, making it an economical solution for small and medium-sized organizations. In addition, ZOHO Mail UAE offers a free version of its platform, enabling companies to evaluate the app before deciding whether or not to subscribe to a subscription plan.

ZOHO Mail Features in the UAE

Bespoke Domains and Email Aliases

ZOHO Mail UAE allows companies to utilize their domain name for their email addresses, which lends a more serious and businesslike tone to their correspondence. Organizations may establish email addresses with a custom domain, such as "" or ""

Moreover, ZOHO Mail UAE enables companies with email aliases, which are alternate email addresses that lead to the primary email address. Because of this capability, organizations can establish email accounts for various reasons without developing separate mailboxes for each one. For instance, a firm may set up an alias for "" that goes to the primary mailbox.

Email Management Features

ZOHO Mail UAE offers companies a complete set of email management capabilities that make it simple for those firms to manage their inboxes. Users may create folders to manage their emails, and the platform features customized email rules that enable enterprises to set up automated email sorting and filtering. In addition, ZOHO Mail UAE has a robust search capability that makes locating certain emails or contacts in one's inbox simple.

Task and Calendar Management

ZOHO Mail UAE has a full-featured calendar and task management system that enables companies to plan their days with meetings, activities, and projects. Users may build shared calendars allowing team members to see and plan activities, making it easier for teams to remain organized. In addition, ZOHO Mail UAE is equipped with a task management system that enables users to create and assign projects to other members of their teams, as well as to monitor their progress and set deadlines.

Advanced Security Features

ZOHO Mail UAE provides vital security measures that defend enterprises from spam, phishing, and malware threats. The platform uses sophisticated algorithms and filters to identify and stop spam emails, ensuring the enterprise's email communications' safety and protection. Moreover, ZOHO Mail UAE gives users two-factor authentication and the opportunity to set up IP restrictions, giving additional security to their accounts.

Email Archiving and Compliance

ZOHO Mail UAE offers business customers email archiving and compliance tools, enabling companies to retain their emails safely and comply with relevant industry standards. The technology allows organizations to store emails for a predetermined time, and users may search and recover archived emails as required. Moreover, ZOHO Mail UAE has compliance capabilities that allow organizations to set up retention rules and legal holds, ensuring that their emails conform with industry requirements.

Integration with Third-Party Apps

ZOHO Mail interacts with many third-party programs, making it easier for enterprises to optimize their workflow. The platform connects with programs like Slack, Asana, and Trello, enabling users to collaborate on projects and tasks more effectively. Moreover, ZOHO Mail UAE interacts with cloud storage providers like Google Drive and Dropbox, allowing users to store and share files right from their email.

Customer Service

ZOHO Mail UAE delivers outstanding customer care to companies by making themselves available through email, phone, and live chat 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The knowledge base on the platform is extensive, and it contains tutorials, guidelines, and frequently asked questions; this makes it simple for users to get the information they need to answer their queries.


In conclusion, ZOHO Mail UAE is a comprehensive email hosting and collaboration platform that offers businesses customizable email solutions, advanced security features, and extensive email collaboration tools. ZOHO Mail UAE also allows companies to collaborate on emails comprehensively.

ZOHO Mail UAE is an excellent choice for companies of all sizes because of its user-friendly online interface, mobile applications, and reasonable prices. In addition, by implementing functions like email archiving, compliance, and interaction with applications developed by third parties, organizations may increase the efficiency of their workflow and raise their output level.

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