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What is Salesforce B2B Commerce? Detailed Guide For Newbies

What is Salesforce B2B Commerce

Are you new to the Salesforce B2B Commerce and wondering what it's all about? Then this blog is best for you!

The B2B commerce space is experiencing rapid growth nowadays. And with its fast expansion, the buyer's expectations are also reaching new heights. Businesses' desire has expanded beyond seeking B2B transactions for convenience. They now demand seamless digital experiences, tailored solutions, and efficient processes. It is where Salesforce B2B Commerce assists!

This guide will take you through the exciting empire of Salesforce B2B Commerce, breaking down the basics, cracking the complexities, and providing a solid understanding of what is Salesforce B2B Commerce and how it can revolutionize businesses' buying and selling online.

So, let's begin!

What is Salesforce B2B Commerce?

Salesforce B2B Commerce is a specialized e-commerce platform designed to fulfill the requirements of businesses engaged in B2B (business-to-business) transactions. This digital solution empowers companies to establish and manage their online sales channels effortlessly.

Further, it helps businesses create customized and user-friendly online storefronts, enabling them to sell their products or services efficiently and smoothly.

Besides, this platform contains multiple features, including personalized shopping experiences, comfortable integration with other Salesforce products, multi-channel selling capabilities, and advanced catalog management.

Overall, Salesforce B2B Commerce provides businesses with the tools and capabilities they need to succeed in the competitive world of B2B commerce.

Benefits of Implementing Salesforce B2B Commerce

a man showing benefits of implementing Salesforce B2B Commerce

Let’s explore the benefits of selecting Salesforce B2B Commerce for your business.

Lower Selling Costs

Choosing online sales through a portal significantly cuts your selling costs compared to relying on sales representatives. It allows customers to order products without assistance and frees up your sales team's time to focus on more strategic tasks, ultimately boosting revenue generation.

User-Friendly Interface

Salesforce B2B e-commerce is created on the Salesforce Lightning, providing a smart and functional user interface (UI). Its straightforward design reduces the learning curve and offers many easily accessible features to ensure an efficient user experience.

Personalized Recommendations

The Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud can automatically predict customer requirements based on quantities, prices, past orders, and customer habits. It has quick reorder options with personalized promotions and discounts to boost customer engagement immediately.

Payment Versatility

The Salesforce B2B Commerce supports various payment options, including ACH, purchase orders, and credit cards. This flexibility simplifies and accelerates the purchasing process for your business clients according to their workflows.

Best for B2B Companay Requirements

B2B enterprises have various requirements, often involving large-volume orders. Salesforce B2B Commerce serves these needs with features like real-time stock availability checks, diverse delivery options, and notifications for newly added products. These elements simplify business-customer interaction, making it a perfect fit for B2B operations.

Features of Salesforce B2B Commerce

Salesforce B2B Commerce offers the following necessary features to create the best online store for your business customers:

Catalogs and Product Information

With the help of the Salesforce B2B commerce platform, you can make various catalogs with different types of products. No matter how many categories or products you have, Salesforce B2B Commerce can handle it.

Customer-Specific Pricing

B2B buyers might get different prices based on their contracts. Salesforce B2B Commerce helps you keep track of these special prices for distinct customer groups.

Personalized Storefronts

High-value customers can have their customized store with their desired themes and brand colors.

Complex Shipping Functionality

Businesses often buy things from numerous locations at once. With Salesforce's shipping groups, you can order from multiple places in one go.

Quick Reordering

Businesses sometimes order the same stuff every fifteen days or one time a month. Quick reordering makes it super easy to order these items again with just a few clicks.

Who Should Choose Salesforce B2B Commerce for Their Businesses?

Salesforce is connecting businesses

Businesses of various sizes and industries can benefit from choosing Salesforce B2B Commerce. This platform is particularly well-suited for:

B2B Companies

If your main focus is selling things to other companies, not individual shoppers, then Salesforce B2B Commerce is designed just for you. It's packed with features that are perfect for businesses like yours.

E-commerce Businesses

Whether you're an established e-commerce business or just starting, Salesforce B2B Commerce provides the tools to enhance your online sales channels.

Companies Focused on Customer Experience

If you prioritize delivering exceptional customer experiences and want to offer personalized shopping journeys, this platform can help you achieve those goals.

Salesforce Users

If your business already utilizes Salesforce products like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, or Marketing Cloud, adding Salesforce B2B Commerce to your toolkit can create a seamless and integrated ecosystem.

Businesses Looking to Optimize Sales

If you aim to streamline sales processes, reduce costs, and improve revenue generation, Salesforce B2B Commerce can be a valuable asset.

Those Seeking Scalability

Whether you're a small business with growth ambitions or a large enterprise looking to expand, Salesforce B2B Commerce is scalable to accommodate your changing needs.

Tips for Maximizing Your Salesforce B2B Commerce Experience

It's necessary to follow some good tips to maximize the benefits of the Salesforce B2B Commerce platform. Here are the most important ones to keep in mind when you're setting up and managing your online store in B2B commerce on Salesforce:

Don't Make a Sudden Change

If your customers are used to buying from salespeople, it's a good idea to introduce online shopping slowly, not overnight. Keep both in-person and online sales options available initially.

Use Templates and Ready-Made Features

Salesforce B2B Commerce gives templates and ready-made features to make setting up your online store easier. Use as many of these features as possible instead of customizing everything.

Get Expert Help

Salesforce suggests getting help from experienced consultants or professionals who know their way around Salesforce, like Cloud Sylla. They can guide you through the process and help you avoid costly mistakes.

Integrate with AppExchange Apps

Salesforce AppExchange offers apps that can kickstart your B2B commerce journey. These apps can handle processes that Salesforce might not cover, like accounting or ERP.

Wrap up

Salesforce B2B Commerce is not just a platform; it's a powerful catalyst for businesses looking to succeed in the B2B commerce world. Its user-friendly interface, tailored features, and seamless integration with other Salesforce tools empower newbies and seasoned professionals to transform their online storefronts into efficient, customer-centric hubs.


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