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Salesforce for Nonprofits: Empowering Social Impact Organizations

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Prompting productive social change and tackling pressing societal concerns is important for nonprofit organizations. These groups are committed to helping those in need and enhancing their quality of life. However, they frequently encounter particular difficulties, such as a lack of resources, difficult donor management, and the requirement to show effectiveness and openness.

Salesforce proves to be a strong ally for nonprofits. Salesforce equips these organizations to meet their issues and has the greatest effect possible with its specialized solutions and features created especially for the charity sector.

Let's dive deep and explore the significant impact of Salesforce on nonprofit operations. From donor management and fundraising to program tracking and volunteer engagement, Salesforce provides a comprehensive platform that enables nonprofits to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and drive their missions forward.

Understanding the Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

A specialized solution created to satisfy the particular requirements of nonprofit organizations is the Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud. It offers a thorough platform that enables NGOs to manage their operations, interact with funders and supporters, monitor programs and impact, and plan volunteer efforts. Here is a summary of its main characteristics:

  • Donor Management: The Nonprofit Cloud has strong donor management features that let organizations keep track of and manage their connections with donors, donations, and fundraising efforts. A consolidated view of donor data is provided, allowing for personalized interaction and focused communication.

  • Program Tracking and Impact Measurement: Nonprofit organizations can utilize the Nonprofit Cloud to track and assess the results of their programs and projects. This involves monitoring program results, participant information, and success measures. The platform enables stakeholders to see openness and accountability while facilitating data-driven decision-making.

  • Volunteer Coordination: The Nonprofit Cloud makes it easier to manage volunteers by offering tools for volunteer recruitment, scheduling, and tracking. It allows NGOs to work with volunteers efficiently, assign them jobs, and keep track of their efforts, strengthening the volunteer community.

Real-world Examples

American Red Cross

To centralize and organize their donor management and fundraising initiatives, the American Red Cross installed the Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud. They succeeded in raising donation money, improving donor involvement, and better campaign targeting.

Teach For All

To track and assess program effects throughout their network of partner organizations, Teach For All, a nonprofit organization dedicated to global education, used the Nonprofit Cloud. They improved program outcomes visibility and were able to influence global strategic decision-making for educational projects.

Grant and Fundraising Management

Salesforce gives NGOs strong tools to automate grant and fundraising procedures. Salesforce may assist NGOs with grant management, proposal management, reporting, and fundraising, as shown below:

  • Grant Management: Salesforce provides a centralized platform for organizations to track and manage grant opportunities, submission dates, and specifications. Nonprofits may simply gather and monitor grant-related data with the help of custom fields and procedures, assuring on-time submissions and compliance.

  • Proposal Management: By offering templates, collaborative capabilities, and document storage, Salesforce makes proposal administration effective. By streamlining the proposal creation process, working with team members, and monitoring the status of each proposal, nonprofits can improve productivity and raise their chances of receiving funding.

  • Reporting: Salesforce makes grant reporting easier by enabling NGOs to design unique reports and dashboards. To provide funders and other stakeholders with honest and accurate reporting, nonprofits can monitor and analyze grant outcomes, impacts, and financials.

  • Fundraising Tools and Integrations: Online donating, peer-to-peer fundraising, and event management are all made easier by various fundraising tools and interfaces that Salesforce offers. To better engage donors and generate money, nonprofits can easily design donation forms, launch online fundraising campaigns, and link with payment processors.



To enable donors to make small donations while flying, UNICEF used Salesforce for their "Change for Good" campaign. The seamless gift collection was made possible through Salesforce's fundraising capabilities and interfaces, which led to a very effective campaign.

Charity: Water

Salesforce was used by the charity organization Charity: Water to support their peer-to-peer fundraising activities. With the aid of Salesforce's tools, they allowed supporters to build custom fundraising pages and involve their networks, earning a sizable sum of money for clean water initiatives.

Data Security and Compliance

For nonprofit organizations, data security and compliance are of the highest importance due to the sensitive nature of donor information and the requirement to preserve individual privacy. To earn the trust and confidence of NGOs, Salesforce acknowledges this and prioritizes data security and compliance. Here is how Salesforce handles data compliance and privacy:

  • Data Privacy Regulations: Salesforce assists organizations in adhering to data privacy laws, including the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Salesforce offers capabilities and solutions that help NGOs manage consent management, data subject requests, and data preservation rules.

  • Robust Security Features: Salesforce employs strong security measures to protect the information of nonprofits. This includes activity tracking, data encryption, IP limitations, and role-based access controls. To safeguard sensitive information and manage user access, nonprofits can develop and implement security policies.

  • Data Encryption: Salesforce encrypts data both in transit and at rest to give an extra degree of security. This reduces the danger of unauthorized access or data breaches and guarantees that sensitive information is kept secure.

  • Industry Standards: By implementing the best practices advised by Salesforce, nonprofits can harmonize their data management procedures with industry standards. This involves adopting two-factor authentication, frequently assessing user access privileges, and training personnel on data security procedures.

Nonprofits may safeguard the privacy, accuracy, and accessibility of their data by utilizing Salesforce's data security and compliance tools. This fosters trust among contributors, supporters, and stakeholders, which is essential for the nonprofit sector's long-term sustainability.

Wrapping Up

Nonprofit organizations are transformed by Salesforce, enabling them to carry out their social missions. Nonprofits can easily streamline operations, improve donor interaction, monitor program impact, and manage volunteers thanks to the Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud and its specialized solutions.

Salesforce's data security and compliance capabilities can help NGOs protect sensitive data and win over supporters and contributors. Nonprofits can engage donors, collect money, and run effective fundraising campaigns due to the platform's fundraising tools and connectors.

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