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Salesforce Pardot Consultant Certification Dumps

Pardot Consultant Certification Dumps

Remember that genuine success comes from hard-working, learning, and understanding the material. “Dumps" might offer a quick solution, but only relying on dumps can lessen the true worth of certification. Instead, commit to thorough studying, hands-on experiments with concepts, and actual understanding.

However, using trustworthy Salesforce Pardot Consultant certification dumps can help you study the critical topics and areas of the exam. They make it easier to quickly find and review the necessary material you need to know for the test.

Besides, dumps are particularly beneficial if you have a busy schedule and limited time to prepare for the exam.

In this guide, we have gathered a selection of dumps to assist you if you're searching for Pardot Consultant exam materials. So, let’s dive in!

What are Pardot Consultant Certification Dumps?

Pardot Consultant Certification dumps are gathered and approved by experts to help you qualify for the certification exam. These dumps contain various questions and their answers from an actual exam, put together by individuals who take the exam.

These dumps help students to stay organized and focused while learning for upcoming tests or exams. Primarily, the reason behind creating these dumps is to offer a comprehensive collection of questions as a practice test so that you can evaluate your level of preparation for your desired exams.

However, only depending on dumps can make the exam more challenging as they do not contain in-depth information. Therefore, you should practice other study materials alongside the dumps to become well-versed and successfully pass the exam.

Pardot Consultant Certification Dumps

Below we’ve gathered 24 Pardot Consultant certification dumps to make you prepare for the exam. Let’s have a look:

Question # 1

With Pardot, how can you determine if an email campaign is successful?

  1. Click Through rate

  2. HTML Open Rate

  3. Email Complain Rate

  4. Spam complaints

Question # 2

Which editions of Salesforce Pardot provide Einstein functionalities and Business Units?

  1. All

  2. Unlimited business Units with only Pardot Advanced Edition

  3. Pardot Advanced Edition and Pardot Plus Edition

  4. 2 Business Units with Only Pardot Advanced Edition, then each subsequent costs 2000$ per month

Question # 3

What is the maximum number of automation rules that you can have?

1. Always 100

2. Pardot Growth Edition = 50.

Pardot Plus Edition = 100.

Pardot Advanced Edition = 200.

3. Pardot Growth Edition = 50.

Pardot Plus Edition = 100.

Pardot Advanced Edition = 150.

4. Pardot Growth Edition = 100.

Pardot Plus Edition = 150.

Pardot Advanced Edition = 200.

Question # 4

The below options are true about Salesforce Pardot Recycle Bin:

  1. Items available in the recycle bin do not add up to usage limits.

  2. Prospects in the recycle bin can be deleted permanently by Admins. Pardot can’t track permanently deleted prospects.

  3. If you delete/remove a campaign, the prospects linked to that campaign stay in the system labeled with that deleted campaign.

  4. A deleted prospect gets restored while the Salesforce record it's syncing with its undeleted.

  5. Tags are removed permanently and do not appear in the trash/recycle bin

  6. Content files are deleted/removed permanently and can’t be undeleted. However, they are available in the recycle bin

  7. Content files are deleted/removed permanently and can’t be undeleted. Additionally, they become unavailable in the recycle bin.

Question # 5

Pardot has a Custom Field Type known as "CRM User."

  1. True/yes

  2. False/No

Question # 6

Can “Dynamic List” be divided into other “Dynamic Lists?”

  1. True/Yes

  2. False/No

Question # 7

What is the maximum number of variations of Dynamic Content that you can create?

  1. A-Z (25)

  2. 10

  3. A-C (3)

  4. A/B (2)

Question # 8

Do we have to delete the Prospect record if someone opt-out?

  1. Yes, legal regulations prohibit it.

  2. False. Legal regulations prohibit sending them emails, but we can still monitor their activities.

Question # 9

Should hard bounces be removed from lists?

  1. True/Yes

  2. False/No

Question # 10

What's the time frame for Pardot Custom Object synchronization with Salesforce?

  1. 2 mins (because Pardot checks for changes in Salesforce at this frequency)

  2. 10 mins

  3. 1 hour

  4. 4 hours

Question # 11

Examine the lowest and highest available score for a Prospect in Pardot.

  1. A+

  2. A

  3. F

  4. F-

  5. D

Question # 12

Can a prospect have a less than 0 score?

  1. True

  2. False

Question # 13

Using more than one-page level depth is recommended for the Email Preference Center.

  1. True

  2. False

Question # 14

Is a login required for Email Preference Center?

  1. True

  2. False

Question # 15

Pardot's Permission-Based Marketing Policy aids in preventing your emails from being marked as spam. The provisions of CAN-SPAM include:

  1. Don't use misleading subject lines

  2. Don't use misleading/false header information

  3. Identify the text/message as an ad

  4. Inform the recipients about how they can choose not to receive your future emails.

  5. Inform the recipients about your location.

  6. Honor opt-out requests quickly

  7. Monitor activities done on your behalf.

Question # 16

What are the factors determining email deliverability?

  1. Sender Policy Framework (SPF)

  2. Sender ID

  3. Domain Keys


Question # 17

Pick three available Salesforce Pardot Editions:

  1. Pardot Growth

  2. Pardot Professional

  3. Pardot Plus

  4. Pardot Ultimate

  5. Pardot Advanced

  6. Pardot Standard

Question # 18

Admins are allowed to reset passwords for users.

  1. True/Yes

  2. False/No

Question # 19

What is the maximum number of Engagement Programs that can be active simultaneously?

1. Always 100

2. Pardot Growth Edition = 20.

Pardot Plus Edition = 100.

Pardot Advanced Edition = 200.

3. Pardot Growth Edition = 100.

Pardot Plus Edition = 150.

Pardot Advanced Edition = 200.

4. Pardot Growth Edition = 20.

Pardot Plus Edition = 50.

Pardot Advanced Edition = 100

Question # 20

What is available to select from within the Repeat Rule?

  1. Days before qualified to repeat rule

  2. Certain Prospects

  3. Limit rule matches

  4. Repetition Order

Question # 21

What is the maximum number of Scoring Categories to create?

  1. 15

  2. 25

  3. 100

  4. 50

Question # 22

How frequently does Pardot check for updates in Salesforce?

  1. 5 mins

  2. 1 hour

  3. 2 mins

  4. 10 mins

Question # 23

Select required fields when making a Prospect

  1. Email

  2. CD Campaign

  3. Company

  4. Profile

  5. Grade

  6. Score

Question # 24

Which of the following actions are available with the Salesforce Connector? (Select three)

  1. Assign prospect to queue.

  2. Add to Salesforce campaign.

  3. Create a Salesforce event.

  4. Assign prospects using an active assignment rule in Salesforce.

  5. Delete a Salesforce task.

Sum Up

We hope you enjoyed reading our article. For more queries, comment below.

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