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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Dumps

Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Dumps

Taking Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist dumps is the best way to study for your exams and boost your confidence. It makes you familiar with the exam format, helps you understand the question’s structure, and estimates difficulty level.

Exam dumps also aid you in time management by guiding how much time you should spend on each section during the Email Specialist exam. It further identifies the areas where you need more practice and helps you build better strategies for handling tough questions.

However, when preparing for an exam, your goal isn't just to pass it. You should become able to use all the concepts related to the Marketing Cloud Email Specialist field in real-life situations. That way, you can perform your tasks effectively.

So, it's crucial to deeply study Marketing Cloud Email Specialist through various study materials and take dumps as a practice tool.

Now without further late, let’s begin!

Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Dumps

Here are 16 questions for the Marketing Cloud Email Specialist exam to assist you in your preparation:


A team is looking to import a file into a data extension, but the column names in the file don't match the data extension fields. What action is required in the data extension to align the data in the file with the field names?

  1. Select an appropriate date format.

  2. Give a name to the new import definition.

  3. Map the file's attributes.

  4. Choose the delimiting character.


A company possesses a “Lifetime and Platinum Member” list. The “Platinum Member” list includes 50,000 subscribers, whereas the “Lifetime Member” list has 20,000 subscribers. Interestingly, 7,000 subscribers from the “Lifetime Member” list are also available in the “Platinum Member” list.

Now, the marketing team sent an email to the Platinum members and wants to send the exact email to the list of Lifetime Members. However, they want to ensure to not send the same email twice to the 7,000 subscribers on both lists.

What tool or feature should the marketing team use for sending the second email to achieve this?

  1. Suppression List

  2. Exclusion Script

  3. Exclusion List

  4. Domain Exclusion List


How can a marketer make an attribute named Gender with appropriate values in the Profile Center using a drop-down menu? (Select any two options)

  1. Choose the data type as Text.

  2. Create restricted values.

  3. Choose the attribute as required.


When a marketer wants to improve email deliverability, what should they include in the email's subject line?

  1. First and last name of the customer

  2. Catchy subject line

  3. Incentive Program

  4. Add the name of your company


NTO (Northern Train Outfitters) is known for supplying snack boxes to its members and offers a trial of 90 days on these boxes. NTO wants to send an email series to remind and educate members to buy the subscription before the trial period ends. Which tool is best suited for this situation?

  1. Automation Studio

  2. Triggered Emails

  3. Guided Send

  4. Playbooks


A marketer plans to use Automation Studio for weekly email campaign automation and wants to preconfigure the email in advance so that a colleague can use it to create the automation later on.

What action is required to send this email?

  1. Send Email

  2. Send Preview

  3. Guided Send

  4. Test Send


What are Marketing Cloud’s Exclusion Lists, and how to utilize them? (Select all the applicable options)

  1. They are similar to Suppression lists, which means they consist of subscribers who do not want to receive your messages.

  2. Subscribers who like to continue receiving your messages

  3. Subscribers with status (active, held, bounced, unsubscribed)

  4. Select an Exclusion List while sending


A marketer is creating an email for mobile devices. Which of the following three design strategies should the marketer employ?

  1. In a single column, stack the content.

  2. For hero graphics, employ image-based text.

  3. Keep the copy direct and simple.

  4. Trim the content to ensure the message fits above the fold.

  5. Arrange the crucial content at the top.


A company sends confirmation emails for online orders to customers. These emails should follow the CAN-SPAM classification for "Transactional" messages. What tool does a marketer utilize under this CAN-SPAM classification to categorize a send?

  1. Send Classification

  2. Send Definition

  3. Delivery Profile

  4. Sender Profile


How can a subscriber modify their profile attributes?

  1. By going to the profile center

  2. By contacting customer service

  3. By doing unsubscribe from a list

  4. By sending emails to their sales representative


A marketer is looking to run an “Account Send Summary” report. Which settings can be adjusted when generating this report? (Select any 3)

  1. Report the results delivery location.

  2. Report results file format.

  3. Error handling parameters.

  4. Date range parameters.

  5. Error report log location.


The marketing team wants to send a weekly email to a specific audience. Every week, the team receives numerous files to import and combine to generate the targeted recipient group for the email. Which of the following tool is required to carry out this process?

  1. Playbooks

  2. Automation Studio

  3. Filter Activity

  4. Data Extract Activity


If you own over 50,000 subscribers, what percentage should your test distribution be for each condition?

  1. 5%

  2. 10%

  3. 15%

  4. 20%


A marketer wants to import a text file. But, the marketer can’t access the Enhanced FTP site of an account. How to import the data?

  1. Data Extract Activity Interaction

  2. Import Activity Interaction

  3. Import Subscriber Wizard

  4. Manual Data Filter Refresh


Which groups of audiences will you choose to send a particular email in the recipient section?

  1. Audiences and Lists

  2. Audiences or Contacts

  3. Data Extensions or Lists

  4. Data Extensions and lists


A marketer uses the import wizard to import a file and ensures that just new records include in the import process. What should a marketer do to achieve this? (Choose any two options)

  1. Assure that the data extension contains a primary key

  2. Choose the update type “Update” and “Add.”

  3. Choose the update type “Add Only.”

  4. Choose the update type “Overwrite.”

Sum Up

We give our best to provide comprehensive insights and assemble these dumps to assist you in your journey.

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