The 8 Benefits of Salesforce

May 2, 2017

Salesforce is today the leader in the CRM (customer relationship management) market, with more than 200,000 customers from small to medium sized businesses. How did this software publisher in San Francisco achieve this? The answer lies in 8 key benefits.




Cloud leader

Since the invention of the very concept of cloud computing, Salesforce is present. A true pioneer in terms of connected CRM, Salesforce has constantly innovated to remain a leader in the market. The business model was designed to always favor innovation and adaptation to the customers and Salesforce partners.


The most comprehensive CRM tools

The full range of Salesforce applications including Sales, Service, Marketing, Community, Analytics, and all custom applications, is the ultimate weapon for a company wanting to revolutionize its customer relationship approach.

Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Pardot,

Here, the customer is placed at the center of the business, and everything is put at his service for an optimal experience.

Salesforce partner, Salesforce consultant, everyone is covered with the Salesforce platform.


Customer success

The best salesforce ambassador is above all the commercial success of its customers.

The publisher allocates a lot of resources with the direct aim of making the business of its partners grow.

A Salesforce team works for this purpose, assisted by a complete ecosystem. Salesforce is a win-win situation for everyone!

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An open ecosystem

A large community of Salesforce partners and experts is working to develop applications of all types, in order to push the solutions available to customers ever further. Thanks to the AppExchange store, it is possible to propose its solutions to the community, or simply take advantage of the creativity of it!

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An exemplary cloud at the service of its partners

The Salesforce cloud is above all the security, availability and service performance of the market leader for you.

Every day Salesforce works to exceed the limits of their cloud security. All this is done in transparency, respect for the privacy of customer data, and availability of service.

Salesforce has earned the trust of its professional partners and Salesforce implementation partner.


A flexible platform open to metadata
Thanks to its unique architecture, the Salesforce platform can ensure a quarterly update without any loss of data or personalization of its customers. Each Salesforce component, regardless of its origin or seniority, is able to chat with the rest of the environment. In addition, its metadata orientation makes it easy to use BI (Business Intelligence) for its customers.


Ultra-fast development

Salesforce offers a very fast application development without even going through code programming: everything can be done in point-and-click! The platform includes basic collaborative components, data, dashboards, etc. These components allow to develop solutions on Salesforce 5 times faster than traditional applications, moreover being among others: adapted to the mobile, multi-currency, multi-language ...


Shared infrastructure

Because all Salesforce clients share the same cloud, everyone has access to the best in cloud-based CRM. Innovation by Salesforce is then facilitated and more quickly made available to its partners. Salesforce takes care of hardware and software resources, maintenance, and any accident that could impact its customers. They can then focus on the basics: innovation and personalization of their own experience.

Salesforce CRM, Salesforce partner, Salesforce consultant, Salesforce implementation partner. Everyone share the same resources and innovations.





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The 8 Benefits of Salesforce

May 2, 2017

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