Why is Salesforce CRM a good investment?

April 21, 2017

What is the return on investment (ROI) following the implementation of Salesforce?

"What benefits can I gain from acquiring a CRM tool? "

"What will this change in my business?" "

"Am I right to invest in this solution? "



So many recurring questions that entrepreneurs face before committing to a CRM solution ...

Here are some ways to evaluate the return on investment of your CRM project.

Your CRM solution is a good investment if it affects the following parameters:

- The generation of productivity gains

- Improving business performance

- Increased customer satisfaction


Salesforce, number 1 of CRM solutions, is able to positively impact the above three points. What exactly does it allow?

Salesforce CRM increases productivity

It saves you time, minimizes your costs and optimizes your resources. All this is possible thanks to the automation and streamlining of your processes.



It facilitates the mobility and reactivity of your sales forces and is accessible on smartphones via the Salesforce1 application as well as on tablets.

Your sales representatives can respond in real time to the demands of their customers! This tool also provides you with all the useful indicators to control your activity. No need to manually complete complex spreadsheets!

The CRM solution allows you to produce reports and dashboards that are specific to your business, in a simple "drag and drop" manner.


Salesforce supports you in managing your business and boosts your performance CRM helps you find more customers: you can capture, analyze, prioritize and transform your leads into new customers. Salesforce announced a + 41% increase in commercial leads and an increase in lead conversion (+ 36%).

You can manage your marketing through your CRM application to reach more customers: Create targeted marketing campaigns tailored to your prospects to generate more opportunities and more contracts. Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and calculate the return on your investment.


The CRM encourages collaboration between your departments and your employees and thus breaks down the silos. However, the circulation of information and the sharing of knowledge are major assets for: Coordinate actions and take decisions Exchange ideas and develop new concepts Know your environment Avoid loss of information: in the event of the departure of one of your employees holding crucial information about a prospect for example. Everything is on your CRM.


Salesforce Helps Increase Customer Satisfaction

It ensures optimal management of customer data to give you a better understanding and anticipation of their needs, maximizing customer satisfaction.

Thanks to this solution, you have a 360 ° view on your contacts. This panoramic vision on your targets allows you to expand your customer relationship.


With your CRM you can organize a quality customer follow-up in order to quickly respond to their needs.

All your customer data is stored in one place: you keep track of your activities, keep track of your interactions, and so on. With Salesforce, you will be able to increase your opportunities and grow your sales (up to + 31% more sales).

An all-in-one CRM solution

All these operations are possible thanks to a single platform interconnected with your existing systems: you can connect the platform with social networks, synchronize your CRM with your messaging, your billing software, your incident management software, etc.


It's a tailor-made solution, so you can tailor your CRM to fit your business needs.

Your customer service needs to evolve? Meet new identified needs and develop new features.


The Appexchange allows you to complete your suite by downloading additional business applications according to your needs.

The CRM solution is cloud-based, take your desk anywhere with you and drive your business wherever you are.

Investing in Salesforce CRM means controlling your entire business in just a few clicks, no matter what your business size or industry.


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